Safety Consulting Services Include:

  • Inspect overall safety of workplace, observe employee safety performance
  • New hire orientation, specific training for employees
  • Build PowerPoint presentations
  • Build customized safety programs for specific companies

SBS recognizes the desire employers have to keep their employees safe. We will do everything possible to accomplish this. All records and information about clients will be completely confidential and for their eyes only.

We Work With A Broad Range Of Industries


Grocery Stores



Auto Repair Shops

Why Choose
Small Business Safety, LLC?

Whether you are a small construction company, grocery store, restaurant, quarry, feed mill, farm, auto repair shops, etc, we can help you:

  • Suggest proactive measurements that prevent incidents before they manifest as accidents
  • Coordinate all health and safety aspects of your construction project
  • Draft health and safety plans and verify any existing or proposed plans
  • Comply with all relevant construction regulations and requirements
  • Ensure the health and safety of workers, decrease accident risks and improve onsite productivity
  • Gain expert advice and recommendations for future safety maintenance and create a long-term safety culture